Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Backed by the core ideal of having clean, pure energy to run the world with, SunPower provides Solar Panels held to a high quality standard that come with an extensive warranty. By utilizing these superb Solar Panels, we aim to provide multiple services to make sure the process of Solar implementation goes smoothly.

- Maintenance of Solar Panels
- Set-up of both On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems
- Installation of Solar Panels

Energy Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring allows the owner to view how much energy is being produced daily, weekly, monthly, and during its lifetime.

You can monitor the number of panels, amount of watts, and even your solar panel systems carbon offset.

This can be monitored through a smart phone application or through the web.

Net Metering

Net Metering is a ground breaking development. It allows customers to generate their own electricity in order to offset their electricity usage.

The utility provider installs a bi-directional meter which is capable of recording both energy used and the energy exported to the utility provider.

Without net metering excess electricity generation goes unaccounted with no benefit to the consumer.

Solar Inverters

A new type of technology in the UPS market that uses renewable energy, used for solar photovoltaic installations. Keep the green energy going and never let the light let up again with an ideal Hybrid Inverter.

- Installation of Inverters
- Repair and maintenance of Inverters